[WUP] Janice Novak – Posture Get It Straight! (2007) – Sayer91 – Jiwang WareZ Scene

Janice Novak – Posture Get It Straight! (3119)
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Janice Novak – Posture Get It Straight! (3119)
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Have you ever caught your own reflection in a window or a mirror to see that your head leads the way or that your upper back is slumped forward or shoulders are too rounded. You are not alone. Millions suffer from a variety of health issues that can be traced back to poor posture. In fact the #3 cause of back and neck pain IS poor posture. The exercises and information in this DVD will help you look 31 years younger 31 pounds thinner and free you from nagging aches and pains. You will learn simple steps that lead to powerful changes!. Janice’s "One Minute To Better Posture" technique will have you standing straighter INSTANTLY! All the exercises were designed to strengthen the muscles that support good posture. They will align your head over your shoulders flatten your upper back unround and straighten your shoulders decrease sway back and strengthen all 6 layers of abdominal muscles. The Anywhere/Anytime exercises can be done whever you have a spare moment during the day. The benefits that can be attained from this program: learn how to stand straighter now look younger and thinner; instantly lose an inch or more around your middle; rid yourself of back/neck pains that lower the quality of life; stop headaches a stiff neck & hot spots between the shoulder blades; strengthen all 6 layers of abdominal muscle; improve your athletic performance and decrease chance of injury; improve breathing circulation and digestion. And last but not least radiate health vitality and confidence.





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